Letter Report on the Delbreuil Lithium Property, Quebec,


This report provides a summary of the Delbreuil Property. A review of rock assays, rock descriptions, sediment assays, drill holes logs, magnetic surveys and base metal showings was done to complete this report.

Property Description and Location

The Property is in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue area of Quebec Province in the NTS sheet 31M09. It easily accessed by driving 9 hours from Montreal. It is located about 78 kilometres (km) southwest of the Val-D’Or municipality, 80km southeast of Rouyn-Noranda or 7km northeast of the Wineway (Long Point First Nation) community. All commodities can be found in the Val- D’Or municipality. Secondary road passes on the property, on a northeast-southwest direction. The property shows a flat to slightly hilly topography, with elevation difference of less than 30m an average elevation of 320m. The Ottawa River passes 3km south, the Lac Simard is 5km west of the property and the Nodier Lake is located less than 2 km east. The property can be accessed all year long if snow removal is done, or with the use of a ski-doo.

Location of the Property

The Property is made of one block of 8 claims, all of them in good standing, totaling approximately 464.41 hectares or 4.64km2. Additionally, a total of 45 claims (approximately 2,600 hectares) were staked under 1124026 B.C. Ltd’s name.


Recent exploration work was carried on the Property, where exploration for base and precious metal was made. A few geophysical surveys are available, along with some prospecting, drilling and mapping survey. Geological mapping in the area of the Property was performed in 1975, which revealed the presence of multiple copper-zinc-nickel and lithium-beryl-niobium- tantalum-uranium-thorium mineralization. Airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys were done in 1958, 1964, 1965, 1988, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Drilling campaigns were conducted in 1957, 1966 and 1987. Lithium values of 1,290ppm (1.29% Li) have been returned from a pegmatitic outcrop.


In 1958, Belleterre Quebec Mines Ltd conducted a ground survey to cover a copper-nickel showing. Prospecting, trenching by bulldozer, and diamond drilling were completed. Mineralization noted on surface and in drill holes is mainly graphitic schist with minor values in copper, nickel and zinc (Miller, 1958).

In 1999, Ressources Minières Coleraine Inc conducted a ground survey on their property to test new exploration tools, including ground geochemistry. Prospecting, trenching and cartography lead to the discovery of two new mineralized zones. (Halle, 1999)

In 2005, Exploration Fieldex inc and Aurora Platinum conducted a ground survey to evaluate the potential of the property for Cu-Ni mineralization in Komatiitic flow. Nickel mineralization was found in quartzite at the contact with the volcanic rocks. Best results returned 3800ppm Ni and 1298ppm Cu (Halle, 2005). In 2006, they conducted a detailed mapping campaign. They identified granite bodies and numerous pegmatite, with width between 5cm to 50cm (Halle, 2006).


In 1957, Belleterre Quebec Mines Ltd. conducted a three-hole survey on the property. They intersected volcanosedimentary rocks (rhyolite, greywacke tuffs) and feldspar porphyry. Visible mineralization consisted in pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and sphalerite. No results have been reported (Miller, 1957).

In 1966, Scope Mining & Exploration Consultants Limited conducted a three holes survey on the property. They intersected volcanosedimentary rocks (rhyolite, greywacke) and feldspar porphyry. Mineralization consisted in pyrite, chalcopyrite and sphalerite. Best assay results returned up to 0.24% Ni, 0.50% Cu and 1.36% Zn (Smith, 1966).

In 1987, Alotta Resources Ltd conducted seven drill holes on the property. They intersected mafic (peridotite, pyroxenites), quartzites horizons and pegmatitic dykes. Mineralization consisted in pyrite, chalcopyrite and sphalerite. Best assay results returned up to 0.2598% Ni over 24 feet and 0.31% Cu over 41 feet (Sieb, 1987). Lithium was not analysed.


In 1958, Sulma Exploration Services Limited, on behalf of the Mespi Mines, conducted an airborne electromagnetic survey. They flew 401 line-miles and identified 24 conductors that were identified near the Lac Simard (Prendergast, 1958).

In 1958, Hunting Technical and Exploration Services Limited conducted a ground EM survey on behalf of the Belleterre Quebec Mines Ltd on the property. They travelled 13.1 line-miles over 711 stations (Stam, 1958).

In 1963, Canadian Aero Mineral Surveys Limited conducted for B.W. Lang an EM, magnetic and radiometric survey. They flew 25 line-miles and identified 7 conducting systems (Wagg, 1963).

In 1964, Canadian Aero Mineral Surveys Limited conducted for B.W. Lang a magnetic and EM survey. They flew 30 line-miles and identified 4 zones of bedrock conductivity (Rattew, 1964).

In 2004, Terraquest Ltd conducted an airborne magnetic on behalf of Aurora Platinum Corp. They flew 11,339 line-km (Barrie, 2004). Geotech Ltd completed a helicopter TDEM and magnetic survey in 2005, where they flew 1,442.5 line-km. A number of EM anomaly groupings were identified.

Adjacent Showings

At the Lac Simard showing, located 20km northwest of the Property, a pegmatite dyke measuring 285m of length and 24.3m in width have been observed (Gagnier, 1980). Mineralization is composed of spodumene (20-45cm long) and columbo-tantalite. Analysis done by Soquem in 1980 returned 1% LiO2, 0.01% Ta2O5, 95ppm Nb2O5 and 80ppm BeO. Up to 30% spodumen is found in this showing. Analysis of a schists near the showing showed values of 2060ppm of Rare Earth Elements, 160ppm Ta. Samples up to 1.3% Li have been found on this showing (Fleury, 2013).

The Vezina showing is 7 km northwest of the Property and is a uranium showing inside an intrusion 3.65m long by 0.61m large. Sampling returned 0.42% U3O8 (best value), 0.58% Zn, 0.77% Nb (Hinse, 1978) and a chosen sample returned 7.03% REE, 1.21% ThO2, 5.41% U3O8, 19.39% ZrO2, 15.74% Nb2O5, 535ppm Ta, >5000ppm Pb, 2391ppm Mo and 45g/t Ag (Grenier, 2010). Claims Legault, Dallaire and Lac du Refuge showings are in the same area, about 12km northwest. Those showings correspond to beryllium-spodumene mineralization inside pegmatite dykes

The Nodier Showing is located about 200m east of the property. Mineralization consists in disseminated pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrrhotite. Chosen samples returned up to 1.1% Zn, 0.03% Cu, 0.06% Ni and 0.7g/t Ag (Halle, 1999).

Adjacent showings near the property

The Delbreuil Showing on the property has been explored for precious and base metals. Mineralization consists in pyrite, chalcopyrite with traces of molybdenite, sphalerite and pyrrhotite. Best assay results returned 3.4% Zn, 0.27% Ni, 0.38% Cu, 4.1g/t Ag and 0.06% Co (Halle, 1999; Miller, 1958; Sieb, 1987);

A pegmatite sample (sample 1903119324) was taken in 2013 from an outcrop, in the center of the property. Assay returned 1,290ppm Li, 300ppm Cs, 107ppm Ga, 1,000ppm Rb and 126ppm Ta.

Deposit Types

These sulphides-rich lithologies are accompanied with base metal (copper, nickel, cobalt) and with precious metals (gold, silver). The mineralization is present in massive and disseminated sulphides, hosted in komatiites, peridotite, dunite, gabbro and volcanoclastic rock. Economic minerals are chalcopyrite, pentlandite and cobalt sulphides. Complex pegmatites are also present in the vicinity of the property. These pegmatites are accompanied with beryllium, lithium, niobium, tantalum, uranium or thorium. The mineralization is present in granite intrusions and in veins and dykes of pegmatite, emplaced within the monzodiorite of the Lac Simard Batholith and the Delbreuil Pluton.

Nickel Komatiites

The main deposit target on the Property is sulphide-rich ultramafic komatiites. Those rocks form large (up to km-size) stacked flows, associated with peridotite, dunite and gabbro. Mineralized masses are present either at the bottom of the flow, where they form massive sulphides deposits, and at the top where they form disseminated zones. Mineralization consists in pyrrhotite, pentlandite (Ni), chalcopyrite (Cu), magnetite, sphalerite (Zn) and carbonates.

Lithium (spodumene) bearing pegmatites

The other deposit target on the Property is lithium-rich pegmatites. Those pegmatites are usually found in terranes environment that have been metamorphosed at medium and high intensities, proximal to granitic intrusions, where the pegmatites are often derived from the parental granite. Pegmatite size can vary from few meters to hundreds of meters in length, with width ranging from centimetres to hundreds of meters. Rare earth pegmatites might be complex and presenting an internal concentric zonation. The border is generally fine-grained, aplitic texture (Laferrière, 2011). The intermediate zone is coarser with quartz-feldspath- muscovite assemblages and composes the main body of the pegmatite. The core is often simple in composition, mainly quartz-feldspath assemblages. Economic minerals are beryl (Be), spodumene (Li), lepidolite (Li, Rb), colombo-tantalite (Nb, Ta) and cassiterite (Sn).


The property has been explored for base and precious metal, where numerous showings and mineralization have been found in komatiitic flows and basalts. Assay results returned anomalous values of Ni-Cu-Co-Zn-Ag.

In 1975, when the MRN did the cartography of the area, they stated that the area about 4000 feet (1220m) west of Nodier Lake (Nodier showing) where “muscovite pegmatite are particularly abundant” (Rive, 1975). They also considered the area near the occidental shores of the Simard Lake as the best place for economic pegmatites, often containing lepidolite, spodumene, beryl, colombo-tantalite and rarely radioactive minerals. In 2006, Exploration Fieldex identified several pegmatites on and around the property. They observed molybdenite and (rarely) lepidolite inside pegmatites intruding monzodiorite.

The presence of beryl showings and lithium mineralization in the vicinity of the Property indicate a good potential of discovery of complex pegmatite and its associated lithium mineralization on the Property. The lithium-rich pegmatites are usually located close-by to their parent granitic bodies. Pegmatite veins were found out even if the exploration was not focused on these lithologies. Geochemical anomalies in beryllium, lithium, rubidium, tantalum and niobium were present in a sample, indicating possibilities of presence of complex pegmatites.

The regional geology is similar to the geology found in adjacent showings, Vezina, Lac Simard and Ile du Refuge.

The accessibility along secondary roads and the lithium potential of the area warrant an extensive sampling survey that will aim at discovering lithium mineralization inside of the Lac Simard Batholith and the Delbreuil Pluton.


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